We prefer to receive your book project as a print-ready PDF.

If you seek our book design services and wish to receive a quote, you should submit your manuscript according to the guidelines below.

  • Send your text files as a Microsoft word document.
  • The text should be in double-spaced 12pt serif font, left-justified only, with indented paragraphs (We prefer Courier New).
  • There should be no spaced paragraphs unless these are intended to appear as such in the finished book. (For fiction and most narrative projects, an empty space after a paragraph is meant to denote a significant change in time, setting or point of view.)
  • To denote an intentional spaced paragraph, please insert [#] or [***] in the empty space. Our graphics editor will close all empty spaces by default.
  • All artwork for placement in the book should be sent as high-resolution JPEGs. For specific placement within the book, a simple text listing can be inserted in the text proper as guide to the graphics editor.
  • Bibliography, index, glossary and other relevant documents may be sent as a separate document.

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