• Services

NLP offers commercial printing services to take care of clients’ publishing needs.  We offer the following services:

Print-Production Management: We oversee the entire production of physical copies of your book to the best standards through our printing partnerships in Nigeria and internationally. All of which is appropriately done to guarantee clients savings, and yet gives them the quality that they desire.

Publishing Consultancy: We offer editorial support, especially to those new to publishing. We advise on book preparation, which includes editing, cover designs, paper type, paper size, dimensions, typesetting, images, so that clients are satisfied with the final outcome. We also help clients obtain ISBNs for the different editions (paperback, hardcover and eBook) of their projects.

e-Book Conversion Services: To take advantage of recent developments in digital reading, we also convert files into standard e-book formats: RTF, .MOBI, EPUB, PDF.

Logistics Management: Our logistics support includes freight services for international print production. We work with clients to determine the best transport mode either by sea or by air, depending on their preferences and budget. Airfreighting is a fast solution for time-bound projects to meet the tight schedule. By sea transport, deliveries are subject to our annual printing calendar.

Delivery Services: Our objective is to provide peace of mind for our clients. After handling the entire production and shipment, we will deliver at the clients’ doorsteps.