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How We Can Help In Five Easy Steps

Projects can be submitted as a print-ready PDF if they have already been laid out, or submitted in MS Word document through email or our self-service platform. Below is a five-step process to help you navigate the process of submitting to publishing.

Step 1: Read our submissions guidelines

Every book is unique in dimension and volume. Read our submissions guideline to help you learn all the things that you will require to prepare your book for printing based on the best industry standards. Start now

Step 2: Send or upload file

Once your work meets the requirements, upload a web-friendly, low resolution, version of your file or email it to submissions@narrativelandscape.com for evaluation. If your manuscript contains a large number of photographs, only upload the MSWord document without the photographs. We will evaluate and arrange to have the final files delivered to us. Start now

Step 3: Get quote

We will send you a quote right after the evaluation based on the specifications that we suggest for you or you have selected from our book specification page.

Step 4: Receive proof

If you submit a print-ready file, we will email you a PDF proof for you to double check that everything is just right before we go to print.

Step 5: Print

Once you have approved the PDF proof, and met our terms and conditions, we will start production.